Custom Designs

A lot of times people will bring you pictures of tattoos that are already on someone else. As much as possible I try not to rip the image from that design because, it would distort the tattoo, since it’s already on a round surface. If I take it off of that and then put it […]

Client experience

I’m not saying that I will serenade you when you come get a tattoo. I’m not saying that you will get to hear some super awesome music when you come to get a tattoo. But I am saying that a client experience is very important and I definitely strive to make you feel as comfortable […]

An artist’s struggle. 

I read an article recently given by Andre 3000 one half of the rap group Outkast. It made me realize a few things about my own artistic journey.   That it is exceptionally good to continue to create and to grow regardless of how you feel about your artwork regardless of how you view yourself conpared […]


I am so fancinated by the artform that is lettering, that I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could.  During my self-education I found that many of the styles that we use, are from the classic trade of sign painting.  If you look around at old buildings and signs you will […]

The Impact Project

The Impact project is a four day seminar centered around the business of tattooing. It was jam packed with information from how to develop a better client/artist relationship to how to build an effective brand. It was so inspirational because there were many influential tattoo artists in the building willing to share their knowledge to […]