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My first tattoo and I am so glad it was with this incredible artist!! Nicole Keller

Great experience! Very professional! I’m extremely satisfied with the results. I’ve been receiving compliments left and right. Definitely going back for future tats! Megan Davis

Clean and excellent customer service! I will definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a good tattoo. Morgan Boykin-Miller

Awesome dude, great work, and worked with me on what I got done. Definitely going back soon. John Pinon

Proficient in color, black and grey tattoos, cover-ups and custom tattoo designs.


Tattooing is incredibly Challenging

You will often see us tattoo artists post with jubilation about a particular piece, but hardly on how much we stress over it. I grew more grey with tattooing, ever then with corp. America. Tattooing is as fulfilling, as it is challenging! We get paid to apply onto a...

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Tools of the trade (kinda)

I bought some jeweler glasses not too long ago and these things have helped tremendously with smaller work.I cant speak highly enough on how they've helped me with my speed and efficiency. I've always prided myself on employing any tool that will help me even in the...

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Let me turn you into an art gallery

I always love seeing my clients out living their lives wearing the tattoos I created for them. In the cover photo, is a client that I've been tattooing since she was 18, to date we've probably done over 20 pieces together. Her tattoos represent her struggles, her...

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