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My first tattoo and I am so glad it was with this incredible artist!! Nicole Keller

Great experience! Very professional! I’m extremely satisfied with the results. I’ve been receiving compliments left and right. Definitely going back for future tats! Megan Davis

Clean and excellent customer service! I will definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a good tattoo. Morgan Boykin-Miller

Awesome dude, great work, and worked with me on what I got done. Definitely going back soon. John Pinon

Proficient in color, black and grey tattoos, cover-ups and custom tattoo designs.


Reference for dayzzzz

It's not always about being able o pull art from the deepest corners of your mind,or "free-handing", it's really about creating a beautiful tattoo design for your clients that will stand the test of time.  I am a reference artist, which means that I employ outside...

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Custom Designs

A lot of times people will bring you pictures of tattoos that are already on someone else. As much as possible I try not to rip the image from that design because, it would distort the tattoo, since it's already on a round surface. If I take it off of that and then...

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Client experience

I'm not saying that I will serenade you when you come get a tattoo. I'm not saying that you will get to hear some super awesome music when you come to get a tattoo. But I am saying that a client experience is very important and I definitely strive to make you feel as...

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