Best Tattoo Artist of Columbia SC 2018

Man I couldn’t be happier receiving this award, I thought it impossible when looking at the competition, but my motto is that hardwork+talent beats talent everytime. I worked very hard for this one, even during a time when my life was considerably tumultuous and the people have spoken! Apparently I’m doing something right an it’s […]

Machine Building

Yo I’m SO excited to have finally finished building and tinkering with these tattoo machines. Ever since I started tattooing I wanted to learn the art of machine building and this is my first completed set so I’m PUMPED! The one on the lower left was given to me and was in really bad condition, […]

Freehand fun with sharpie marker.

I really am inspired by artists that can forgo paper and get directly to the skin. I’ve been tattooed by world famous tattoo artist Miya Bailey and Sir Twice, and they both drew their masterpieces directly onto my skin. This is something that I’ve admired and have been working on in my free time. This […]