I am so fancinated by the artform that is lettering, that I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could.  During my self-education I found that many of the styles that we use, are from the classic trade of sign painting.  If you look around at old buildings and signs you will […]

Machine Building

One of the many reasons I enjoy my craft is machine building. It’s a trade that I’m still learning but very much enjoy as it allows me also to fix or adjust my own tattoo machines.  I like to create dynamic looking equipment that is not only functional but is also appealing to the eye!  […]

You are an art gallery 

We use imagery now to show the outside world what is within out universe.  Times have changed, as has the art of tatgooing, allowing for greater strides to be made as far as artistic ability that is possible in skin.  So next time somebody says your body is a temple, tell them, no temple is […]

The Impact Project

The Impact project is a four day seminar centered around the business of tattooing. It was jam packed with information from how to develop a better client/artist relationship to how to build an effective brand. It was so inspirational because there were many influential tattoo artists in the building willing to share their knowledge to […]

Tattoo Designs

An old fashioned method of creating and archiving ones tattoo designs, I have tons of these, call now to see more!


Literally stacks and stacks and stacks of flash at my finger tips, all hand drawn. All I do is draw, bring me a picture of a tattoo I’ll redraw it. Everything original baby.

Words to Live By

Words to live by from the book “Damn good advice” by George Lois

Idle Hands

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